About Esi Knife

First off, thank you for your interest in ESI Knife. This page is here to answer a few questions about this application. You can always talk to me directly on discord. Information on how to join is included below in the #TalkingWithTheDeveloper section.

Who am I?
My main's name is David Davaham. I have an alt named ESIKnife Admin who is the CEO of the corporation The ESIKnife Corporation. Any correspondence regarding ESIKnife to our users will come from ESIKnife Admin.

I have been developing applications in my free time for about ten years now.
What is ESIKnife
ESIKnife is a version of the famous Jackknife application that was built on top of CCP's XML/Crest API. This one is built on top of CCP's new API, the Eve Swagger Interface, better known as ESI (pronounced as "easy").
Okay, So What is Jackknife?
As I mentioned, Jackknife was an application that was built ontop of CCP's XML/Crest API. It allows a player to share information about their character(s) with any other character in game without having to give away usernames and passwords or any tedious screenshots/copy pasta. It is/was a very common tool used amount corporation recruiters/ceo's to audit/evaluate a character prior to allowing them to join their corporation.
Is ESIKnife Open source?
Of course. All infomation about ESIKnife can found here
Why did you build ESIKnife?
ESIKnife was built for two reasons.
  1. I built ESIKnife as a replacement for Jackknife. No viable replacement's were publicaly in the works as the deadline for the shutdown of the XML/Crest API's approached. About a month before this, I started work on ESIKnife. Real life prevented me from finishing the application on time and some serious design flaw's in the first version pushed the release of the application back even further.
  2. I built it because it was a challenge. I do not program IRL professionally. All of my programming is purely done as a hobby in my free time. Some would say it is a bad addiction that I have. That is good for you guys, sometimes bad for me :-)
Want to talk about ESIKnife? Or just code in general? Do you have a feature request or some sort? Awesome! Come chat with me on Discord. Click the button below to get started.
I am done with your site now. How do I delete my data?
Every member has the ability to revoke their token and purge their data from our system by visiting their settings page. Click here to visit your settings page. From there you can navigate to the token page and delete your token.
I need to share my information with a corporation recruiter. How do I do that?
To share you data with another EVE Character, the character will have had previously logged into the application. They do not need to authorize any scopes, just need to have of logged in. Once that is complete, you can go to your settings page, click here, click manage access and then type their name exactly as it appears in-game.

If you have any issues with this feature, please join tweetfleet slack, link above, and ping me in the #esi channel. You can also submit an bug report.